Just a RaNdoM thought ….

Bond between Human(e)s !!-

What it is that makes one to converse with other person/stranger??Why this interpersonal bonding goes like a sine-wave sometimes??
Is it, our needs?? craving for mental or psychological attachment?? or Just to kill boredom ?? The answer would differ from person to person.why would some human beings just use this bond to satisfy their temporal needs??
Are they suffer from attention deficit syndrome for time being because of the needed attention they didn’t get from whom they expected?? Why can’t human beings be just humane?? I think,The answers to these questions aren’t easy..
It may be because of the effect of environment/virtue/value they had from the beginning of their childhood.The fact is we live in a fission-fusion society and limbic resonance is distorted towards negative these days.Few may say one should not expect anything from any bondage we grow,but ..is it possible to not to expect??
Still tinkering… to find out 😀 ..