Nepal Earthquake deaths :Who is responsible ??

“Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength no matter what sort of difficulties how painful experience is if we lose our hope that’s our real disaster.” ~~Tibetan Saying

Earthquakes are results of geological processes,Where even a Superhuman can’t stand-up against a natural phenomenon but,We human beings are far more responsible for unprecedented casualties and catastrophes.So called technologically advanced humans couldn’t develop a technology to predict a EQ before it strikes though Seismologists can analyse the data recorded from seismic stations across the globe.

Its been recorded by scientists and geologists that across the Himalayas there is around 20mm of convergence each year, roughly half of the overall convergence between the Indian and Eurasian plates. to make it more clear we can say, every year a person in Siberia becomes roughly 40 mm closer to a person in central India, as the Earth’s crust deforms across the broad region between them. Nepal is located in one of the most geologically vulnerable areas.The EQ was a result of movement of Indian plate underneath the Eurasian plate and other geological complex phenomenons.

The 25th April Earthquake was a cataclysm never seen before by this generation of Nepalese.Is the Nature responsible or We,the Human Species ??? for the loss of lives.Its a known fact that,the Himalayan belt is prone to tectonic activities such as EQs.So why can’t we develop the strategies and methodologies to mitigate the loss of lives?? Why can’t we emulate from the countries which are more hostile to these kind of disasters?? Is the greed of human beings and unsustainable development in sight has led to these consequences?? One has to think now and act before its too late to face another calamity.

What can be done to mitigate the loss of lives in these kind of catastrophes??We know the seismic zones of earth and in which zone our habitation is growing.So we should use the research done till now to formulate policies for better future.

  • First and foremost thing is human must respect the Earths carrying capacity and shed his greed for haphazard growth.
  •  Governments must implement strict building codes which are in conformation with seismic codes. VIZ.Poor,unplanned  and haphazard constructions of houses or commercial entities must not be allowed..According to National Disaster Management Authority’s (NDMA) 2014 report on “Seismic Retrofitting of Deficient Buildings and Structures”, points out that the condition and quality of Indian building stock is very poor when it comes to seismic performance.
  •  Restrict the unplanned growth of cities on the fault planes.
  • Construction of dams in seismic prone zones should be stopped. Ex-Its been said by scientists that Koyna dam construction in Maharashtra has made the region seismic prone.
  • Making pre-risk assessment plans and drills to mitigate causalities.
  • Planned Infrastructure  development to handle large scale devastation can reduce loss of lives.Ex-Hospitals,Fire stations etc..
  • Public awareness coupled with Institutional and Government support can help to reduce the devastation.Ex- Disaster Mitigation plan.

Decades of research has gone into understanding these earthquakes. It has been hypothesized for long that a large earthquake, called the “great Himalayan earthquake”, can strike anytime, but its time and place cannot be predicted. In many locations in the Himalayan belt there is enough energy stored currently to lead to one.Many of North Indian cities are prone to this.Such as Delhi,Srinagar,Kolkata,Gauhati,Shimla,Gangtok,Darjeeling and Doon.

It is a myth that most of the damage is done by shaking of the ground during an earthquake. But ground-shaking is a complex phenomenon. When the ground rattles beneath a building, it makes the building sway.Lessons can be drawn from cities like Tokyo and San Francisco, which regularly battle shaking grounds with their seismic-resilient engineering. We cant stop a natural process like earthquake, but we can certainly avert large scale devastation.So we are far more responsible for loss of our dear ones in these type of events rather than any natural phenomenon or any GOD.


2 thoughts on “Nepal Earthquake deaths :Who is responsible ??

  1. Necessity is a mother of Invention, Our scientific community is busy in developing ICBM’s n Exploring the Moon or Mars !.
    Present Nepal Political crisis never thought of preparedness for such casualties, only handful of trained personnel did their best.
    In India Building codes etc are fancy stuffs to be presented in research papers, in reality corruption takes over all these standards. More ever Nature is so Mysterious that Mastering it is only possible by surrendering to it n living with it, in sustainable way.

    Let’s hope our future generations do not do the same mistakes, we did or even doing right now.

    • I affirm your views.Delhi which falls under region V and more prone to EQs is the best example for discarding building codes.If the same EQ were to happen in/around Delhi the catastrophe would be unimaginable.

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