Pondy Politicians –BSY-BJP

Recent politic in india has made worldwide news but its for wrong reasons, from Karnataka’s porngate scandal to Uttarpradesh’s NRHM Scam , from B.S.Yadyurappa’s porngate comment to Mamata Benarjee’s rape victim comment..All is not well in Indian political system.

I was surprised to hear BSY’s reaction to porngate scandal in Karnataka assembly by three BJP Ministers. Three ministers are staunch supporters of BSY ,but does it mean BSY can defend them in circumstances as this ??? How could a responsible, educated politician with mass following say this?? Has he lost his mental peace over all scandals and desperate for power like a hungry fox?? The answer for all these can be assumed from his recent comments at various socio-political events across Karnataka.

BSY defended his supporters (Pondy Politicians :P) by stating “It (ministers watching porn clips in the legislative assembly) has been blown out of proportion by the media. Everybody watches it. Don’t you watch them?”  .But Mr BSY they were not watching pondy in private places !! of course many watch pondy across the nation(that’s why the websites with “sex” phrase are most visited).This defiance shows his desperateness for power and to become chief minister once again!!

He is a spiritual straddler. I think he is the only known popular politician who tops in  temple visits  across India from Katra’s(J&K) vaishno devi to Madhurai’s meenakshi..He is a leader of lingayat sect of which the great shaiva philosopher Basavanna is founder.But nonetheless BSY seems to never follow the original path which basavanna taught ..And in fact many people doesn’t !! Some of the contradictions are : Basavnna and his philosophy teaches and preaches  monotheistic concept of God(Contradicts with BSY’s Polytheist views 😛 ). And Basavanna in one of his vachana’s says:

The rich will make temples for Siva.
What shall I, a poor man, do?
My legs are pillars, the body the shrine, the head a cupola of gold.
Listen, O lord Koodala Sangama Deva,

Things standing (temples,shrines, buildings) shall fall, but the moving (knowledge, [Jangama]) ever shall stay!!!

                                                                But BSY doesn’t seem to heed to or stick to the philosophy and teachings of his sect..One of the politician in Karnataka ridiculed BSY’s recent visit to kashi  saying “a crow from the south of Vindhyas cannot become a nightingale just by taking a dip in the holy waters of the Ganges. “People voted him to power to serve downtrodden. But Yeddyurappa is visiting Kashi to wash his sins by seeking God’s blessings. He cannot attain purity just taking a dip in the holy waters. The Almighty will never exonerate him,- Aptly said I think.

                                                                   Politicians are in to all sorts of gimmicks to get undue attention from media and mass and garner votes and support from their own religion, caste, and sect .. but these type of politicians are not harbinger of harmony,socio-economic growth in society .. people should understand the power of vote and should vote the best out of bad in elections, then it would be possible to see loot-less,peaceful growth of society in a holistic and sustainable manner.


Electronic Media:Self Regulation..Y/N ??

Self regulation of electronic media has been a matter of debate since press council of India chairman Justice(Retd) Markandeya  Katju slammed some section of media(Vice-Versa) on their content of broadcasting the news .Many debates have taken place since then and many people have concluded that its high time for media to introspect itself..?? What is journalism?? According to Merriam-Webster’s its the collection and editing of news for presentation through the media; the public press; an academic study concerned with the collection and editing of news or the management of a news medium. And there are many types of journalism but Indian Journalists are way ahead in inventing some of their own form of journalism

At recent debate on NDTV , i witnessed  some people were dead against the regulation of media from outside.. they never answered why e-media should not be regulated from outside?? Can they air anything for TRPs??? Infact they did on many occasions.. the classic case is of INDIA TV .. (many of us know what kind of news channel INDIA TV?? Its rather a comedy channel than a news channel in my opinion.) It is the NBA or News Broadcasters Association, founded in the year 2008 whose declared(in the name of self regulation) objectives are to promote, help, encourage, develop and secure interests of news broadcasters in the Indian television industry. This body consists of CEO or COO level officers of these media companies. The NBA is so weak, so feeble in its exercise of power that it can’t confront intimidation by its own member. The India TV case is an example of this. The NBA, in the past, had given notice to India TV for deceptively recreating a US-based policy analyst’s interview. It slapped a penalty of Rs 1 lakh on the channel which then walked out of the Association.

The group of broadcasters found themselves completely helpless, couldn’t take any action and finally surrendered meekly before the channel. The offending channel issued a statement saying that its return has come after “a fundamental issue raised by the channel against the disregard to NBA’s rules and guidelines was appreciated by the association’s directors…” The head of India TV, Rajat Sharma then proceeded to join the board of NBA, and the channel’s managing editor Vinod Kapri returned to  the Authority in the eminent editors’ panel.. this is what happens when we say criminals join politics and become parliamentarians and legislators who armtwist with the administration and enjoy.. the same is applicable in media too ..

                                        Electronic media also covers internet media. Lets see what kind of e-journalism is some of the reputed English and Hindi dailies are professing??Showing semi nude or nearly nude snaps of models in their e-edition.Once visit timesofindia(I think many of us have already) Just see the pic below which was screenshot from times of India..What kind of journalism is this?? Is it a photo(porno)-journalism?? What I wonder is when government shifts reality shows like BIG BOSS from prime time to other schedule because of the reason that minors and children get affected by the content of that .. Does government doesn’t see anything here?? Though we cannot completely censure it because people find many ways but atleast a section like ADULT SECTION mentioning as in case of some porn websites??

Another example is of the great Bhaskar Group hindi electronic paper.. they have a special section of mirch-masala.. once a friend of mine sent me a link in which they explicitly mentioned इन बहनों की सेक्सी अदाएं देख खुद पर नहीं रहेगा आपका कंट्रोल”  the snapshot of which is below.

                               Media houses write catchy and intimating captions to attract but I do not know what kind of journalism is this???

In his keynote address on content regulation in India at the FICCI Media and Entertainment Business Conclave 2011 , “Justice Verma said one thing that the media needed to remember was if it failed to exercise self-restraint and regulate its own conduct, then that would provide a justifiable reason for intervention from outside”. Government of India has set up Electronic Media Monitoring Centre (EMMC) under the ministry of I&B but I feel it’s just another lame, toothless organization.. All across the media and its hullabaloo over Justice Katju’s remarks have been vindicated with the support of major section of civil society.

While in a democracy, it was the media’s duty to inform the people of everything of significance so that they could effectively discharge their participatory role in governance, this right to inform excluded the right to misinform as the media’s right was no greater than an individual’s right, which was again subject to reasonable restrictions.