UnDivided India Divided Causes..

This week we witnessed hullabaloo across india in support of veteran social activist Anna Hazare for his crusade against corruption.there was a huge support for the movement against corruption including school children,freedom fighters,techies,netizens,actors, similar to  quit india movementin 1942. We feel/felt the heat of corruption in our daily life.i think about 80-90% of people across India might have supported or were victims of corruption. thats why there’s a huge support for the movement to uproot corruption.
                              At the same time, Irom Sharmila, also known as iron lady of manipur is on fast since November 2000 demanding GOI to withdraw draconian   AFSPA 1958  . one can imagine the determination and indomitable will she has.But the irony is at the begining many supported her cause across the nation but its faded from the memory of many. Even Noble Laureate Shrin Ebadi echoed same sentiments when she visited india, she got wide support across the world but  unexpectedly not much in her home nation. 
                              I think we are habituated to act/react only when we are a victim of any evil.Only parts of North East and J&K people face the heat of AFSPA and its misuse and rest of the Indians even never could have imagined agony of those people.Corruption : many of us even gave bribes to work done or indirectly were part of corrupt practices and we felt how much corruption can lead to many ill effects in society . thats why the support is huge.
                                About the recent support for Anna Hazare’s fast across the nation: many might have been motivated by jingoistic ideas without knowing what it actually needs for a effective Jan Lokpal Bill and its after issues. Indeed drafting a bill is not an easy task esp. wrt Jan Lokpal Bill where it has to be drafted keeping in view of many angles of legality,administration,judiciary and its powers etc..many say that the  demand is outcome of  ideological illusion.Famous Social Activist and NAC member Auna Roy said Bypassing of democratic process for political expediency, however desirable the outcome [is], may be detrimental to democracy itself. Its indeed true what Ms.Aruna Roy echoed. and Mr.Shashi Tharoor tweeted “Huge respect for Anna Hazare. Unconditionally support consensual national action against corruption,But that doesn’t mean every point in Anna’s list can be supported without discussion. Consultations on Lokpal bill are indispensable.
                                                Corruption cannot be uprooted completely that easily in India,Until and Unless every citizen stops supporting it directly or indirectly.Many rules have been made by government for people and their safety for instance, many of us ride bike without helmet and give bribe to traffic police to get rid of hefty fine when asked for. why cant we stop this ?? In the end rules like this are for the safety of people ,aren’t they??? . Accoeding to Corruption Perception Index(CPI) 2010, India has been raked 87 much beyond many Latin and African nations. Corruption can be controlled effectively only when there’s a consensual holistic approach for the cause and among the people..