Ernesto Che Guevara;Rare pics of Che and Fidel Castro

Che Guevara on his maiden visit to India in 1959,After this visit Che said”. One can quite understand that the cow was a sacred animal for the ancient ones: it worked in the fields, gave milk, and even its excreta had the enormous importance of re- placing natural fuel,which doesn’t exist here; this explains why their religious precepts prohibited the farmer from killing this precious animal and, for that, the only way out was to consider it sacred; to have such a determining force as religion impose respect for the most efficient element of production which the community counted on.”

When Che visited India,He met then Prime Minister J.Nehru,After meeting Nehru Che said “Nehru received us with the amiable familiarity of a grandfather but with a noble interest in the pains and struggles of the Cuban people, giving us
extraordinarily valuable suggestions and assurances of unconditional sympathy towards our cause”

Fidel Castro with Jawahar lal Nehru,then Prime Minister of India @ a Hotel in New York,before attending UN General Assembly.Fidel Castro on his maiden visit to India

Fidel Castro with Rajeev Gandhi

Cuba played a instrumental role in all NAM Summits,even Cuba was one of the first countries to support India’s membership in UN Security Council.

Pics Source:Frontline dated April 23



Its indeed true that “Madhushala” is common meeting place for many.. If  we are ecstatic , we booze, if not then also,we booze.. @ “Madhushala” …
मुसलमान औ’ हिन्दू है दो,एक,
मगर, उनका प्याला, एक,
मगर, उनका मदिरालय, एक,
मगर, उनकी हाला, दोनों रहते एक
न जब तक मस्जिद मन्दिर में जाते,
बैर बढ़ाते मस्जिद मन्दिर मेल कराती मधुशाला!

Red Terror Corridor

Yesterday i was searching  some videos on youtube and ended up on documentary page.. i downloaded various documentaries viz.. Abu Gharib,Survivor’s Tale – Afghanistan,India’s Maoist Revolution– this documentary was more relevant to the recent developments in India .As all of us know about Maoist ambush on CRPF where 75  jawans were killed,Is a jawans life taken for granted in India??.The answer for this may end in a philosophical inconclusive debate.The so called Red Terror Corridor extends from Tirupati(A.P) to Pashupati(Nepal)!

Salwa Judum -Self-constituted  Group of people fighting against Naxalites with arms.. why government supported salwa judum?? i think its just like a Divide and Rule policy of Government as followed by British .. killing one’s own relatives,friends who had joined Naxal movement and innocent people would die for no reason.. and the other side Human Rights Group campaigning against government atrocities on innocent.. i think Government of India took their best decision to keep away Amnesty International India from India as it would have created lot of hurdles for smooth functioning of Government

I still remeber  the interview of widow of Francis Induwar (who was beheaded by Naxalities) .she said that Govt policies wont reach people who are in need of that policy.. they are illiterate and can easily be deceived by anyone, thats why they join Naxal Movement ,who portray Govt as common man’s enemy. The areas covered by Red terror are those where adivasis population is more and they are Mineral Rich states of India. So many big guns of mineral sectors are waiting to mine minerals from that area and have max profit (i.e Vedanta,Posco etc..) .As Adivasis live in those mineral rich forest areas and they are reluctant to give up their land for mining purpose .. Naxals  are just using this ideology to deceive them and to join Naxal Movement ,saying Govt wants you to leave your land . Naxals main movement is against Imperialism(as their ideology supports Maoist political sentiment),but many so called new gen naxals doesn’t understand why they are fighting,for whom?? top leaders like kishenji ,Mahato(Both were killed),Ganapathy,Maruti Kurwatkar use tribals and influence them ideologically-its their idiosyncrasy! Innocent People would join this Red Terror Group and die for no reason.. Naxals are the masters of art of Stealth, thats why they are hard to find out in dense jungles .

Some people also left the naxal group i.e historian and former naxal Dilip Simeon said  to a journo on why he left:… ” I no longer believed in the doctrine of virtuous murder” . I wish people who had joined Naxal movement also should also think like Mr.Simeon and Govt to do its duty so that its policies could reach the real beneficiaries ..Holistic approach by all stake holders esp policy-makers(babus) in capital should understand the ground realities and frame policies and implement them in a decentralized way is a key for development of red terror corridor.

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